The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Following attacks on two military positions and killing of officer | Israel warns regime forces against collaborating with Hezbollah through leaflets

Al-Qunaitrah province: SOHR sources have reported that Israeli aircraft threw leaflets over Daraa and Al-Qunaitrah countryside on the border with the occupied Syrian Golan.


The leaflets contain explicit threats to regime forces and collaborators with Hezbollah. The leaflets state: “to the leaders and soldiers of regime forces, time and again regime forces continue to pay the price for Hezbollah’s presence in their positions. As we have warned before, we will never cease operations as long as intelligence cooperation with Hezbollah in these positions continues.


This comes hours after targeting two military positions by Israeli airstrikes.


Earlier today, SOHR sources reported that an officer with the rank of lieutenant, close to the Lebanese “Hezbollah”, was killed in the targeting of two military positions in a company of the 112th brigade, by an Israeli drone, in Saida village at the border between Al-Qunaitrah and Daraa. The targeting resulted in material damage in both sites.