The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

A few days after regime forces having brought in ballistic missiles | Turkish forces boost their bases in Idlib with advanced jamming system

Turkish forces have brought in electronic warfare jamming systems to their posts in Idlib countryside with the aim of dealing with attacks by kamikaze drones which target civilian and military gatherings in the “de-escalation zone,” where such attacks have noticeably escalated since February.


Since early 2024, kamikaze drones executed scores of attacks in the “de-escalation zone,” where those attacks reached their peak in April, before they have been noticeably subsided.


On June 12, SOHR sources reported that a military convoy of the Turkish forces entered “Putin-Erdogan” area, from Kafar Lousin crossing, north of Idlib, on the border with Turkey. The convoy, consisted of 18 military and logistical vehicles, headed towards posts near the frontlines of engagement in Jabal Al-Zawiyah area in the southern countryside of Idlib to reinforce the position.


While on June 17, the General Administration of the army and the “regime forces” sent a telegram, which was obtained by SOHR, to the administration of Al-Tabaka Military Airport in Al-Raqqa countryside and Sarin Airport in Aleppo countryside, to transport a batch of missiles (But and Tochka) to positions of the regime forces in Idlib in “Putin-Erdogan” area opposite to areas of HTS.