The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

US General Command confirms death of senior ISIS official in Syria on the same day of the death of citizen with Syrian ID in rural Afrin

The US General Command has announced that US aircraft executed an airstrike in Syria on June 16, which resulted in the death of a senior ISIS official called “Ossama Jamal Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Janabi.”


According to SOHR sources, Syrian Democratic Forces, which are ally forces of the International Coalition, did not carry out any security operations on that day. However, SDF have not denied the death of the ISIS commander in an operation carried out by US forces alone.


On the same day, SOHR activists have reported the death of a person carrying a Syrian ID, after a shell hit a site in the vicinity of “Kuwait Al-Rahma” camp in Afrin countryside.


SOHR activists examined the ID which the hit man was carrying on the day of the attack, and they found out that his name was “Ahmed Ali Al-Hussein” from Karm Al-Zaytoun neighbourhood in Homs city, and that he was born in 1983.


SOHR confirms that people in north-west Syria region can easily obtain fake IDs and IDs issued by the “Syrian Interim Government” after undergoing simple procedures.


In the same context, the “Syrian Interim Government,” which dominates the area where the man was killed, issued a statement confirming that the man was killed in bombardment with shells fired from SDF-controlled areas.