The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Three months after the beginning of siege | Humanitarian assistance delivered recently to Al-Rukban camp cover the needs of inhabitants for two months

The inhabitants of Al-Rukban camp have been struggling with tragic situation under the siege imposed by regime forces and Iranian-backed militias which have blocked the access of foodstuffs and other humanitarian assistance for 80 days, except for the entry of only one truck carrying food supplies and vegetables on the 65th day of the siege.


Despite the delivery of food supplies by the International Coalition a few days ago, the distribution of the recently-arrived supplies has confined to high energy biscuits as a preliminary step, before the beginning of other steps, including the distribution of food baskets to all inhabitants of the camp suggested to cover their needs for two months.


Under the current siege, the security situation in the camp has deteriorated dramatically. In this context, a new-born baby died of poor healthcare, while the families in the camp struggled with the complete shortage of infant formula, as well as the lack of medicines. Accordingly, some mothers have depended on animals’ milk.


Furthermore, many families have decided to escape from the disastrous situation in the camp and left for regime-held areas, amid concerns about expected retaliatory actions by regime forces against the returnees.


In the meantime, most of the camp’s families have refused to return to regime-held areas, fearing arbitrary arrests and forcible disappearance by regime forces, especially since there are no guarantees protecting the recently-returned civilians from atrocities committed by regime forces and security services.


Moreover, children in Al-Rukban camp, who have been robbed of their childhood, face unpleasant present in light of the tragic situation in the camp, where children start their days with a long trip to bring water to their families, where they have to transport water every day from tanks to their tents.


It is worth noting that nearly 100 people, mostly children, have suffered from jaundice due to several reasons, mainly disturbance of the functions of the liver and anaemia, at a time when most of the medicines are unavailable.


The camp’s inhabitants have called for help and appealed to lift the strict siege and allowing the access of medicines and medical assistance for the patients whose number is increasing with the camp containing only one medical centre called “Sham medical centre.”


In April, SOHR sources reported that Al-Rukban camp ran out of the most of foodstuffs, where displaced people and the members of the local council in Al-Rukban camp appealed to every party concerned about human rights and all political officials in the US Central Command, the International Coalition in Al-Tanf garrison and all counterparts throughout Syria to interfere immediately to secure a safe corridor out of the camp to the “liberated north Syria region” or east Euphrates region. This coincides with the strict siege imposed by Russian and regime forces and Iranian-backed militias on the camp.