The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Having lost hope to return to their homes | People displaced from regime-controlled areas sell their properties at quarter of their price

With the tragic situation of people, who have been forced to displace from regime-controlled areas to north-west Syria region, fleeing fierce battles and violent military operations, those people have decided to sell their properties to cover their and their families’ needs in light of their dreadful living conditions, especially since they have lost hope to return to their homes.


Many of those displaced people, who find themselves forced to offered their properties for sale, have fallen victims to exploitation by war lords.


Speaking to SOHR activists, a displaced man known by his initials as M. H. from south Idlib countryside, who was exploited by a broker, said “I was not able to secure the basic livelihood or pay the rent of the house where I live, as I had no source of income. Accordingly, I found myself forced to offer my shop for sale. The shop was sold for an immigrate living in Europe, with the help of a broker. The shop was sold for 700 USD, equivalent to 1,300,000 SYP. This is a very low price compared to its real price which reaches thousands of US dollars. My dire living conditions forced me to accept to sell the shop for this low price.”


Another displaced man known as M. F. from Khan Shaykhoun countryside in southern Idlib commented on the details of selling properties belonging to displaced people. The man told SOHR activists “houses and plots of land are offered for sale on a daily basis by displaced people in order to secure their livelihood in light of the deteriorating living conditions and stifling economic crisis which has led to skyrocketing prices of all products. Displaced people mostly fall victims to conspiracy between mediators and individuals buying those properties, where they exploit the displaced people’s disastrous situation, offering prices for land, houses and shops that are much less that their real values. However, displaced people find themselves forced to accept such low prices, because of and their urgent need for money. No one wants to sell their properties, but the dreadful living conditions have forced them to do so. Some of the displaced people turn to sell their properties to move to new houses instead of living in tents, some have chosen to leave Turkey or Europe, while others seek to secure their and their families’ expenses.”


It is worth noting that the large-scale military operation, which was launched by regime forces and their proxy militias in late 2019 in Hama and Idlib countryside, resulted in the displacement of nearly one million people, mostly are living now in refugee camps which lack the basic livelihood and services, while there is no solution looming in the horizon still enabling displaced people to return to their villages and towns.