The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Homs | Hezbollah-linked gang kidnaps young man in northern countryside of Homs

Homs province: An armed gang linked to the Lebanese Hezbollah kidnapped a young man from Aleppo city, while he was heading to Homs province, where contact with him was lost in its northern countryside, while his fate remains unknown until this moment.
There are networks in Homs and its countryside that do smuggling and kidnapping operations, and are directly linked to the Lebanese Hezbollah, especially “Shujaa Al-Ali”, “Jaafar Jaafar” and “Salim Al-Najjar” gangs.
According to SOHR activists, those are involved in most of the kidnappings against civilians in the northern and western countryside of Homs, while the regime’s security services have not taken any action to end the presence of these networks in the region.
Shortly before, SOHR reported that a number of residents and notables of Talbisah city were able to release three young men who were kidnapped by a gang loyal to the Lebanese “Hezbollah” militia, in a late hour after midnight on Thursday-Friday.
SOHR activists indicated that the kidnapping gang, run by the so-called “Salim Al-Najjar”, from Talbisah city, who receives support from the Lebanese “Hezbollah” militia and has a close relationship with the head of the Military Intelligence Branch, Brigadier General “Mohammed Suleiman Qena”, kidnapped three young men from Al-Bu Shaaban tribe about ten days ago, after being lured to the northern countryside of Homs with the aim of buying Eid sacrifices.