The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

With rising temperature | Water crisis increase suffering of displaced families in “Al-Rukban” Camp

Residents of Al-Rukban (Forgotten) Camp in the 55th kilometre de-escalation zone at the junction of borders between Syria, Iraq and Jordan, suffer from the suffocating siege that extended for over 80 days, coinciding with the start of summer and the increasing temperature.
The Jordanian authorities decreased the amount of water reaching the camp from Jordan, due to maintenance and the increase of temperature of diesel generators that pump water to the camp.
Water consumption is increasing, as water is provided by the United Nations “UNICEF” and costs are paid to the Jordanian authorities.
Water is transferred from Al-Masharab area to residents of the camp using plastic containers and water vending cars, where the price of one barrel of water reaches 8,000 Syrian Liras.
Most families far from Al-Masharab area can’t buy barrels for those prices, and the water pumping process does not exceed two hours, where the supervision of water pumping process is carried out by the Jordanian “Better World” Company and another company, and the water crisis is solved by increasing the pumping hours to be at least 5 continuous hours.