The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

As desert combing operations continue for 18th day | Russian warplanes carry out airstrikes in Homs desert

The regime forces, with the participation of the Al-Quds Brigade and the military divisions (11, 18 and 25), continue military operations in the Syrian desert, led by Russia and with the participation of its warplanes, to strike “ISIS” deployment positions in Al-Rusafah desert in Al-Raqqah countryside, Deir Ezzor desert and Palmyra and Al-Sukhnah deserts, all the way to Al-Tanaf in the eastern countryside of Homs, for the 18th consecutive day since June 5 specifically.
Today, Russian warplanes carried out airstrikes on different sites used by “ISIS” to hide and launch attacks against regime forces in the Homs desert. No casualties were reported.
It is noted that despite the continuation of operations to comb the Syrian desert, with the participation of Russian aircraft, the regime failed to kill any member of “ISIS”, while the latter continues its operations, the last of which was on June 20, where a regime soldier was killed and five others sustained various injuries due to the explosion of an old landmine planted earlier by ISIS members in Ethraeiyah desert in Salameiyah countryside in eastern Hama.