The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

In two separate incidents | Two dr-ug dealers and a non-commissioned regime officer kil-led in Daraa countryside

Daraa province: An unknown armed group executed two civilians in Daraa countryside, after kidnapping them, and their bodies were found at the roundabout of Um Al-Mayathin town, east of Daraa.
According to the sources, the two killed persons were accused of working with “ISIS”, trading and smuggling drugs into Jordan and carrying out assassinations in Daraa Al-Balad and the eastern countryside of Daraa.
In another incident, unknown people executed a non-commissioned officer with the rank of first assistant, and his body was found in Dael city in the central countryside of Daraa.

Since early 2024, SOHR activists have documented 164 incidents of security disorder in Daraa province, which left 203 people dead; and they are as follows:

58 civilians, including five women and 17 children.

56 regime soldiers, members and collaborators with regime security services.

11 men accused of “involving in drug business.”

Five members of the Russian-backed 8th Brigade.

14 ISIS members, including a commander.

50 members of local factions.

A regime dissident colonel.

Five persons collaborating with the Lebanese Hezbollah.

One unidentified person.