The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Due to dispute over proceeds of smuggling | Members of Al-Sham Legion injured in clashes in Afrin

Aleppo province: Three members of the Turkish-backed factions were injured, following the eruption of armed clashes between them, during which light and medium weapons were used, in Ikbis Square sector in Rajo district in Afrin countryside, which is held by the Turkish forces and their proxies within “Olive Branch” area.
The members belong to “Al-Sham Legion” faction of the “National Army”, and the clashes erupted following a dispute over human smuggling royalties and their crossings.
In continuation of the security chaos within “Olive Branch” area, two young men died from wounds they sustained on June 19, when members of “Al-Amshat” faction checkpoint opened fire, without warning, at two young men from Afrin, as they were heading from Afrin city towards Juwaiq village in Afrin countryside.