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Security chaos | Woman kil*led and man and child injured in SDF-held areas eastern of Deir Ezzor

Deir Ezzor province: Violent family clashes erupted with light and medium weapons between “Al-Maddad” and “Al-Halol” Families of “Al-Okaidat” Tribe in Al-Shahil Town eastern of Deir Ezzor within SDF-held areas due to old disputes between them, where a woman was killed and a girl was injured with stray bullets while two houses were burnt during the clashes.

Meanwhile, tension prevails amid appeals by residents for dignitaries to interfere to break the conflict.

On the same context, armed clashes erupted between cousins of “Al-Okaidat” Tribe due to old disputes between them in Zaiban Town eastern of Deir Ezzor, where a person was injured in his hand and was taken to a hospital to receive proper medication.

Accordingly, the number of infightings which followed disputes over retaliation and family and tribal disagreements in areas controlled by the Autonomous Administration has reached 63 since early 2024. According to SOHR statistics, these infightings left 34 people, including a woman and a child, dead and 126 others injured; they are distributed regionally as follows:

Deir Ezzor: 44 infightings left 12 persons, including a child, dead and 76 others injured.

Al-Raqqah: Seven infightings left 13 people dead and 23 others injured.

Aleppo: Five infightings left three civilian dead and 16 others, including an Asayish member, injured.

Al-Hasakah: Seven infightings left six persons, including a woman, dead and 11- others injured