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For refusing to remove military checkpoint | Clashes erupt between local gu*nmen and regime forces in Al-Suwaydaa

Al-Suwaydaa province: Armed clashes erupted between local factions in Al-Suwaydaa and regime forces, after the regime refused to withdraw from the new checkpoints after the local factions warned the regime.

Extensive explosions and shooting were heard in the area of Al-Ankoud Checkpoint that was established today by the regime, amid mobilization in checkpoints and positions of the regime and a state of escalation.

Earlier today, an explosion was heard in Al-Suwaydaa City after local factions fired a missile that exploded in the air, to warn members of the regime and force them to withdraw from the checkpoint that was established today at the northern entrance of Al-Suwaydaa City.

Moreover, gunshots were heard near Al-Bassel Square and Al-Ankoud Square in Al-Suwaydaa.

Protesters demanded the withdrawal of members of the regime forces from the checkpoint that was established today at Al-Ankoud Square, amid indirect negotiations between dignitaries of the area and the regime forces.

Dozens of protesters gathered at the vicinity of Al-Bassel Square coinciding with the arrival of local factions and vehicles equipped with medium weapons.