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For low wages | Workers in Idlib complain of lack of job opportunities and absence of “guarantees”

Idlib province: Workers in Idlib and its countryside suffer from lack of job opportunities and low wages in light of the harsh living conditions in Idlib City.

It is worth noting that workers are not granted health insurance or any rights in case they were injured.

Several workers complain from being taken advantage of by their bosses, who grant low wages and require long hours of work, in addition of hiring children.

The day workers get paid nearly 100 Turkish Liras that is three USDs, where sometimes they get paid ten USDs in best scenarios, where these wages are not enough to provide for the families of the workers.

The workers in Idlib accuse the “Salvation Government” of neglecting the condition of workers, in the absence of a union organization for the workers to demand their rights, while the wages of workers are measured by supply and demand, in a region where unemployed youth constitute the majority.