The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Demanding release of detainees | Protests erupt at night against “Al-Golany” in Idlib City

Idlib province: Protests erupted at night against HTS and its leader “Al-Golany” in streets of Idlib City, demanding the departure of “Al-Golany” and the release of the detainees who were arrested today in Al-Zawiyah Mountain in Idlib and northern Idlib countryside.

Earlier today, members of the General Security Service of HTS arrested three people from different areas in Idlib and countryside for unknown reasons, where they were taken to a security centre and their fate remains unknown.
It is worth noting that the number of people arrested by members of the General Security Service of HTS since yesterday, has risen to five.

HTS and its security services continue to conduct arrest campaigns against civilians, opponents of their policies, those inciting anti-HTS protests and participants in protests within HTS-held area.
Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that members of the General Security Services of HTS arrested activists of protests in Idlib countryside, where one elder activist was arrested from his workplace in Salqin City, for “inciting against Al-Golany and HTS.”

Meanwhile, another organizer of protests in Idlib, who was defected from HTS, was arrested in Al-Fawa’a Town in Idlib countryside.