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Hours after alarming calm in Al-Suwaydaa | Unidentified people target security building with a grenade

Deir Ezzor province: An explosion was heard in Shahba City in Al-Suwaydaa after a grenade was thrown near building of the State Security Branch in the city.

On the same context, regime forces fired gunshots randomly. However, no casualties were reported.

Since the early hours of this morning, a cautious calm has prevailed in Al-Suwaidaa city, after a bloody night that the city witnessed and violent clashes between local factions and regime forces, against the backdrop of the factions’ demand to remove a checkpoint erected by regime forces at the entrance to the city, which the factions saw as the beginning of the deployment of more military checkpoints in the city that has witnessed ongoing protests against the regime and its government for more than ten months.
The clashes stopped completely after the intervention of mediators from the residents of the city and their call for a truce and ceasefire with promises to reach an agreement to remove the checkpoint located at Al-Anqoud roundabout at the entrance to the city, which the local factions insist on removing as a basic condition for stopping the state of tension after the clashes that resulted in the injury of a young man and the spread of a state of fear among civilians, as a result of the sounds of violent clashes.