The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Under public pressure | Kidnapping gang releases young man and hands him over to dignitaries of Talbisah city

Homs province: A kidnapping gang affiliated with Lebanese Hezbollah handed over a young men from Aleppo to the dignitaries of Talbisah city. The young man had been kidnapped by the gang a week ago, while he was on his way to Homs city.


According to reliable SOHR sources, the young man was released with his car, where his family did not have to pay a ransom due to the public pressure exerted on the gangs that had engaged in kidnappings and armed robberies against civilians in light of the absence of any deterrent preventing them from committing their crimes.


Meanwhile, members of the kidnapping gangs have become targets for the youth of Talbiseh city, who rose up against them in the past few days. They handed over nine cars that were forcibly taken without any conditions, after being given a deadline by the residents of Talbiseh that ended at noon yesterday.


It is worth noting that the youth of Talbiseh  city, with the support of the civilian population, have organized patrols to protect  Homs-Hama highway from kidnappings and armed robberies, avoiding intervention by regime services and military checkpoints in the area. The residents of the neighboring villages praised this bold initiative, which they described as a significant contribution to the restoration of normal commercial and economic activity in the region.