The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Growing anti-Syrian sentiment | Lebanese “State Security” expels dozens of Syrian refugees from their homes and camps in northern Lebanon

Racist campaigns against Syrian refugees in Lebanon continue by Lebanese army, security forces and some “racists individuals,” incited by some politicians. These campaigns include assaults, kidnappings, torture, evictions from camps and homes, closure of shops, curfews and forcible and illegal deportation of thousands of Syrian refugees, although most of them reside in Lebanon legally, have all the necessary official documents and have passed legal procedures for their stay.


The campaign to restrict Syrian refugees in Lebanon comes renewed, after two convoys of 310 Syrian refugees having been deported from Lebanon towards Syrian territory under “voluntary return.” Also, on May 12,  Lebanese army forces raided a camp housing Syrian refugees in Bar Elias town in Lebanon, beating and insulting more than 100 Syrian refugees, in addition to tearing apart their identity cards and their official identification papers.


In this context, patrols of “State Security” stormed camps and residences inhabited by hundreds of Syrian refugees in Kafr Dlaqous town in  Zgharta district in northern Lebanon, where they forced the refugees to evacuate their residences and expelled them by force, closing 70 residences and two camps and prohibiting the refugees from returning to them.


Members of “State Security” patrols toured Hasroun town  in northern Lebanon to ensure the town was free of Syrians, after having informed Syrian refugees of the necessity to vacate the town.


Many Syrian refugees in Lebanon have made distress calls through the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, appealing for the intervention of the international community and affective organizations to end their suffering within Lebanese territory . They strongly refuse to return to their homeland, fearing arbitrary arrests by regime security services.