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Opening crossings is treason” | Protests erupt against opening of Abo Al-Zandin Crossing and residents set fire to head of “Interim Government”

Aleppo province: Residents went out in Al-Bab City on protests at Aleppo Square under the slogan of “Opening crossings is treason”, refusing the reopening of Abo Al-Zandin Crossing eastern of Aleppo within “Euphrates Shield” areas with Russian-Turkish agreement, where the protesters burned pictures of “Abd Al-Rahman Moustafa” the head of the “Interim Government.”

On June 28, dozens of people from Al-Bab city and countryside and displaced people from the Deir Ezzor and Al-Raqqah, gathered in front of Abu Al-Zandin crossing in eastern Aleppo within “Euphrates Shield” area, In rejection of reopening it with Russian-Turkish agreement.
The protesters stormed the crossing and destroyed all the rooms inside it, expressing their discontent.
SOHR confirmed that the Turkish-backed factions, under Turkish supervision, are working to prepare buildings and roads at Abu Al-Zandin crossing in Aleppo countryside, in preparation for its opening within the next 48 hours.
According to the sources, the crossing will be supervised by the Turkish side, and this came about 15 days after the Syrian Observatory published the details of the agreement between the Russian and Turkish sides.