The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Death toll update | Eight people killed during clashes between Turkish forces and demonstrators in northern Aleppo countryside

Aleppo province: Today, a displaced person from Homs died of wounds he sustained on July 1, in the confrontations and clashes that erupted in Afrin city between the Turkish forces and the demonstrators.
Accordingly, eight people were killed, including seven by Turkish forces in Afrin, five of them were former fighters who were displaced from Al-Ghoutah Al-Sharqiyah following the Russian-Turkish agreements “Al-Ghoutah Al-Sharqiyah for Afrin”, in addition to one person was killed in Jarabulus.
The number is likely to rise due to the presence of more than 20 civilians injured.
Yesterday, Turkish forces and the Military Police launched an arrest campaign in northern Aleppo countryside, after identifying the people who participated in the protests against Turkey, by reviewing the surveillance cameras.
Turkish forces arrested four civilians in A’zaz and took them to Turkey, where eight civilians were arrested in Afrin and taken to an unknown destination.