The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After attacking  Sahil Al-Ghab’s supply line | Russian fighter jets attack supply route to frontlines of Latakia countryside

SOHR sources have reported that Russia fighter jets executed three airstrikes on the vicinity of Al-Ghasaneiyah village in western Jisr Al-Shughour countryside, bringing the number of airstrikes today to ten.


Al-Ghasaneiyah village is considered a supply route for factions to the frontlines of Latakia countryside.


Earlier today, SOHR sources reported that  Russian fighter jets executed several airstrikes on Al-Sheikh Sendeiyeian village in western Idlib countryside near the administrative border with Hama province.


The village is considered a supply route used by factions to reach positions in Sahil Al-Ghab opposite areas controlled by regime forces.


Today morning, a Russian warplane targeted a site near Idlib city, with high-explosive missiles, while no casualties were reported.


This comes after they were absent from targeting “Putin-Erdogan” area for weeks.