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Amid escalating clashes in Daraa | Members of local factions attack positions of regime forces and destroy armored vehicle

Daraa province: The intensity of armed clashes has escalated in Daraa between a group of residents and local factions on one hand, and regime forces on the other, after the arrest of a woman this morning by security forces at the immigration and passports building in the capital, Damascus. Local gunmen attacked a station of the military intelligence branch in Nawa city in western Daraa countryside.

Meanwhile, local factions attacked, with RPGs, an armored vehicle of regime forces on Al-Taeirah checkpoint, amid heavy artillery fire by regime forces in the vicinity of Inkhil city.

Moreover, regime forces brought in military reinforcement to the clashes site, where the road between Inkhil and Jassem city in northern Daraa countryside was blocked.

Earlier today, SOHR sources reported that clashes with machineguns, erupted between local factions on the one hand, and Syrian regime forces stationed at checkpoints on the other hand, in Inkhil city in Daraa countryside, after the expiry of the deadline given to the regime forces to release a woman detained in Damascus.

The city witnessed a state of security alert between state security members on the one hand, and local factions on the other hand.

Local factions in the cities of Inkhil and Jasem threatened the Syrian regime with escalation in case if it rejected their demands after giving it two hours to release the woman who was arrested this morning in the passport building in Damascus.

Local factions surrounded the cultural centre that the regime’s State Security uses as a headquarters in Inkhil city in the northern countryside of Daraa. The factions threatened escalation in the region if the young woman who was arrested by the security services in the Immigration and Passports building in the capital, Damascus, for unknown reasons, was not released.