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Ongoing violations | Turkey keeps committing violations and arrests against residents of Afrin

Aleppo province: A member of “Al-Moatassem Bellah” Faction brutally beat a 40 year-old forcibly displaced civilian in Turkish territory near the entrance of Afrin, where he suffered bruises and fractures in his body and was taken to a hospital to receive proper medication.

This comes after the civilian demanded to retrieve his house that was overtaken by the same member in 2018.

The Military Police arrested a civilian in his 50s from Amara Village in Ma’abatly district in Afrin countryside, after he issued a complaint to retrieve his house and store that were overtaken by a member of “Al-Sultan Murad” Faction, after he returned from Lebanon to his birth place.

Moreover, a 40 year-old civilian from Damliya Village in Ma’abatly district was arrested by members of the 112th Division after returning to his birthplace and paying 3,000 USDs, where he was previously arrested for “dealing with the Autonomous Administration” and was taken to Huwar Kals with no information regarding his fate.