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With drones and wa*rplanes | Major escalation takes place in agreement area between Russia and Turkey

Regime forces launched several kamikaze drones targeting two cars in Deir Sunbol Village and a house in Shinan Town in Idlib countryside.

Moreover, Russian warplanes carried out three airstrikes near Idlib City targeting a motorbike in the area between Binin Forest and Shinan. However, no casualties were reported.

Factions use Al-Sheikh Sindan Village in western Idlib countryside near administrative borders with Hama as supply line to checkpoints of Sahl Al-Ghab opposite to regime-held areas, where warplanes carried out four airstrikes on the village and its vicinity leaving major damages to sheep herds.

Meanwhile, regime forces fired heavy artillery shells on the vicinity of Al-Ruwaiha Village in southern Idlib countryside. However, no casualties were reported.

Earlier today, SOHR sources reported that Russia fighter jets executed three airstrikes on the vicinity of Al-Ghasaneiyah village in western Jisr Al-Shughour countryside, bringing the number of airstrikes today to ten.
Al-Ghasaneiyah village is considered a supply route for factions to the frontlines of Latakia countryside.

SOHR sources reported that Russian fighter jets executed several airstrikes on Al-Sheikh Sendeiyeian village in western Idlib countryside near the administrative border with Hama province.