The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More shelling by the regime forces and warplanes on al-Wa’er neighborhood and the northern countryside of Homs

Homs Province:

A child died affected by wounds he had earlier, rising to 26,-most of them children and one fighter in the rebel battalion- the number of persons who were killed by the missile bombardment by the regime forces on area in al-Wa’er neighborhood in Homs several days ago, also the regime forces bombed elsewhere in al-Wa’er neighborhood which led to the death of a person in addition to the injury of several people including children and citizen women, while a young man from the city of Talbiseh died, rising to at least 28 (5 of them are citizen women and 6 are children and four of them from one family) in addition to member of the Civil Defense, the number of persons who the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights managed to document their death because of the Russian warplane’s raids on areas in the towns of Talbiseh and al-Rastan and the village of Za’afaraneh in the northern countryside of Homs, while the regime forces renewed the shelling on areas in Talbiseh city and al-Za’afaraneh village, no reports of casualties so far.