The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime’s helicopters target Darayya by almost 50 barrel bombs

Rif Dimashq Province:

It rose to 47 the number of barrel bombs dropped by the helicopters of Bashar al-Assad’s regime on areas in the city of Darayya in the Western Ghouta, also the regime forces bombed areas in the city of Douma at the Eastern al-Ghouta, while a citizen died in the explosion of a landmine in al-Habbariyyeh area at the southwest of Rif Demashq, while the regime forces opened heavy machineguns fire on areas in the village of Ein al-Fijeh at Wadi Barada, no information about casualties, the helicopters also dropped a number of barrel bombs on places in the vicinity of Khan al-Shih in the Western Ghouta, but no information about casualties.