The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

UK calls on Russia to clarify Syria airstrike targets

Russia must confirm airstrikes in Syria targeted IS militants and not opponents of the Assad regime, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has said.

Mr Hammond said actions in supports of the Assad regime were “incompatible” with the fight against IS militants.

“Russia has taken a major decision and assumed a heavy responsibility by this public propping up of Assad while he continues the terrorisation of his own people,” Mr Hammond said in an address to the UN Security Council.

“It is not possible to be an effective part of the fight against ISIL and at the same time, with the same force, be attacking the moderate oppositionists resisting the oppression of the Assad regime.

“It’s very important that Russia is able to confirm to the international community that the military action it has undertaken in Syria this morning is directed at ISIL and Al-Qaeda affiliated targets only.”

US Secretary of State John Kerry said Washington would have “grave concerns” if Russia hit Syrian targets where IS fighters were not present.

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