The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More airstrikes carried out on the Eastern Ghouta and the countryside of Daraa

Rif Dimashq Province:

The violent clashes between the regime forces and allied militiamen against the rebel and Islamist factions are still taking place around Dahiyat al- Assad, accompanied by aerial bombardment on the clashing areas.


The warplanes carried out raids on the two towns of Zibdin and Deir al- Asafir in the Eastern Ghouta. Information reported that a citizen killed while others wounded, including women and children, in the airstrikes carried out by the regime warplanes on the city of Douma.



Daraa Province:

The helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the town of Aqraba, on other places in Tal al- Hara and around al- Sheikh Hsein Hill in the eastern countryside of Daraa.


The regime forces shelled places in the city of Inkhel causing material damages.