The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Shells target several areas in the cities of Aleppo and Mare’e and its northern countryside

Aleppo Province:

Shells launched by the Islamic Factions landed on areas in al-Midan neighborhood and on other areas in al-Muhallab Street and on the area around Masaken al-Sabil neighborhood in Aleppo, while the factions targeted by snipers places in the vicinity of al-Shihan area.
the warplanes opened fire on places in al-Mallah area and Tal Msibin village and on other places in al-Castelo road north of Aleppo, also shells launched by the “Islamic state” fell on areas in the city Mare’e in the northern countryside of Aleppo, while the warplanes bombed places in Tadef town at the northeastern countryside of Aleppo which is controlled by the “Islamic State”, no reports of casualties so far, while areas in Banan town, al-Hesn, Kafrkar village and other areas in the southern countryside of Aleppo were shelled by the regime forces, but no information about casualties.