The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Russian warplanes strike areas in Jabal al- Zawiya, and the clashes renew around the neighborhood of al- Sheikh Maqsoud


Aleppo Province:

The clashes between YPG against Jabhat al- Nusra and the Islamist factions renewed around the neighborhood of al- Sheikh Maqsoud, information reported casualties on both sides while YPG destroyed a car carrying a heavy machinegun over it. 


Several shells landed on the regime-held areas in the neighborhood of al- Ashrafiyya and al- Nil Street in the city of Aleppo.


The regime forces opened fire on places around al- Rasol al- A’zam in the neighborhood of Jam’iyyat al- Zahraa west of Aleppo.


A fighter in the Islamist factions killed by a sniper shot in Ayn al- Tal area in the neighborhood of al- Hulluk, the activists accused YPG of shooting him.



Idlib Province:

Russian warplanes carried out several airstrikes on the village of al- Naqir in the southern countryside of Idlib and 2 strikes on the towns of Kinsafra and Kafar Awayyed on the outskirts of Jabal al- Zawiya.