The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Heavy bombardment and Russian airstrikes target Hama countryside

Clashes taking place since this morning between regime forces backed by Russian airstrikes against rebel and Islamic battalions in the northern eastern, and the northenr western countrysides of Hama after an attack by regime forces from Morek checkpoints into al-Syad and Latmin in Hama northern countryside, and from Khan Shekhon and Ma’an village into Atshan in the eastern countryside of Hama amid heavy aerial bombardment by Russian warplanes and regime’s bombardment. Islamic battalions targeted  regime force in Morek, Ma’an, al-Masasina, and Ma’rkba, what devastated 7 vehicles for regime forces. 2 Russian helicopters have been seen flying low around Morek town during targeting them by Islamic battalions. Russian warplanes targeted al-Sayad village in the northern countryside of Hama, no reports of losses. 

2 Russian helicopters flying over Morek town


Aerial bombardment on Khan Shekhon in Idlib countryside


Aerial bombardment on al-Sayad village in the northern countryside of Hama.


Missiles bombardment targeting Hama northern countryside