The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Assyrians kidnapped by IS appeal for releasing them

SOHR received a footage shows 3 men wearing “the orange jumpsuit” and kneeling where 3 armed gunmen stand behind them. The three men identified themselves by saying that they are from the villages in the countryside of Tal Tamer in the province of al- Hasakah and that they are “Assyrian Christians”. The footage also 3 bodies wearing “the orange jumpsuit” lying in front of the three men. One of the three men said “there are dozens of us, our destiny is the same like those men if you do not do take appropriate action to release us, help us from the inevitable fate”


SOHR cannot be sure so far whether these 3 corpses are for
kidnapped Assyrian citizens already executed by IS or IS did this just to get money for releasing them and dozens other Assyrians kidnapped from the villages of Tal Tamer countryside in February.