The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More than 13 soldiers in the regime forces killed in clashes in Hama, and Russian warplanes strike Sahl al- Ghab

Hama Province:

Russian warplanes carried out this morning raids on places in Sahl al- Ghab, accompanied by an attack launched by the regime forces and allied militiamen in the area, where violent clashes have taken place since this morning between them against the rebel and Islamist factions, amid shelling by the regime forces on the clashing areas. Meanwhile, at least 13 soldiers from the regime forces and allied militiamen killed in the clashes with the rebel and Islamist factions around the village of Latmin and in other areas in the north and northeast of Hama, as well as 15 regime forces’ vehicles, tanks and armored vehicles were destroyed due to using the TAO missiles by the rebels, while 11 fighters from the factions also killed in the same clashes.


The helicopters dropped barrel bombs after midnight on the village of Lahaya and outskirts of Morek in the north of Hama.