The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Islamic State” kills the Iranian general Hosain al- Hamadani in the battle of lifting the siege of Kwayres Airbase

Aleppo Province:

SOHR had been informed that the Iranian general Hosain al- Hamadani, who was killed with some of escorts when IS targeted them near Kwayres airbase east of Aleppo yesterday, was the supervisor on the operation of breaking the siege imposed on the airbase of Kwayres by IS militants. It is noted that the regime forces and allied militiamen have started a military operation to retake the airbase and nearby areas in late September.


Sporadic clashes took place after midnight between the regime forces, backed by NDF and al- Quds al- Filastini Brigade, against the rebel and Islamist factions on the outskirts of Karm al- Tarrab neighborhood near al- Nayrab airbase in the east of Aleppo leading to kill a media activist in a rebel battalion.


The regime warplanes struck places in the village of Tal Sab’in near the airbase of Kwayres, no information about casualties.