The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More airstrikes carried out on areas in Rif Dimashq and Idlib

Rif Dimashq Province:

A suspected surface-to-surface missile, launched by the regime forces, landed on the city of Zamalka in the Eastern Ghouta with no information about casualties.


3 civilians, including a woman, killed due to targeting their car by the regime forces in Tallat al- Kabosiyya near Khan al- Shih camp in the Western Ghouta.


A man from the town of Hammoriyya in the Eastern Ghouta died due to aerial bombardment on places in the Eastern Ghouta.


The Islamist factions targeted by mortar shells the regime forces’ position in the checkpoint of Ayn Terma hospital in the Eastern Ghouta, information about casualties on the regime forces and allied militiamen.


Idlib Province:

Suspected Russian warplanes carried out several raids on al- Nabi Ayyoub Hill in Jabal al- Zawiya, no information about casualties.