The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The “Islamic State” carry out the first execution by tank against a regime force member because he “run over the State’s soldiers”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received a copy of a video showing members of the “Islamic State” executing a member of the regime forces by a tank, the video showed the regime forces’ member wearing “orange dress” and brought to his knees. He said in his “confession” that his name is “Fadi Ammar Zidan” 19 years old and he is from the village of Sian in Jableh area in the northern countryside of Latakia, he also said in the “confession”: “I joined the Army under contract with the Air Force Intelligence, and I registered the contract in the Airport of Hama, and they sent me to serve in the field of Sha’er, and stayed for the seventh month then they sent me to area named Jazl where I remained there four days then the Islamic State brought me, and I was in Jazl area and I was a tank driver, and I a used a tank to run over bodies of the Islamic State’s soldiers”

The footage showed after that a member of the “Islamic state” behind a member of the regime forces saying ” This apostate dirty Nusayri ran over our brothers who were dead in a tank so it was decided that he will be run over by the tank while he is alive”, then the regime forces member appeared handcuffed standing in the center of a street surrounded by members of the organization and in front of him was a tank coming toward him, the driver of the tank run over him and continue in his way over the body, which mash it.

It should be noted that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received information in September 2015 reported that the “Islamic State” will execute members of the regime forces by running over them by tanks, and this is the first execution of its kind carried out by the “Islamic state” against its prisoners and abductees in its controlled areas in Syria.


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