The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

bombardment and clashes in Aleppo and Idllib


Idlib province: The airforce went on a raid over the town of Benin, by the northern entrance to Ma’arat al-Nu’man city. The city itself was bombarded by the artillery. Clashes are taking place between regular troops and rebels from several factions, including the Nusra front, by the Wadi al-Dayf military base and the Za’lana checkpoint, 3 military vehicles were destroyed.
Damascus: 2 men were killed by a rocket falling on the Yarmouk camp, clashes renewed on the Thalatheen street. Heavy gunfire was heard in the Qaboun neighbourhood. Regime forces bombarded the southern neighbourhoods of Damascus, several were injured. There were renewed clashes in the Tadamun neighbourhood.
Aleppo province: 2 rebels and 2 men were killed by clashes with regime forces in the city of Aleppo and from shrapnel wounds from the rockets on the al-Nayrab and al-Hawoot neighbourhoods. Clashes took place in the Sakhour neighbourhood and by the al-Kendi hospital in Aleppo city, the hospital was infiltrated last night by regime forces. Several rockets fell on the al-Sabil neighbourhood, initial

reports of dead and injured. Regime forces bombarded the Bani Zeid, Sakhour and Layramoun neighbourhoods of Aleppo.

In Reef Aleppo the town of Qubtan al-Jabal was bombarded by regime forces. 3 civilians, 1 a child, by the regime bombardment on the town of Mare’. 6 civilians, including 3 children and a woman, were killed by the regime bombardment on the town of al-Sfeira.