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Clashes in Aleppo and al-Hasakah countryside

Hama province: SOHR was informed the a Syrian pilot was killed by a failure in His parachute after targeting his warplane by rebels.

Lattakia province: Islamic battalions targeted with Tao missile a tank for regime forces, reports of losses. Clashes took place between the two sides in Job al-Ahmar and other areas of al-Akrad mount, what killed an officer in regime forces.

Idlib province: A man was killed by Russian airstrikes in Banin village around the Zawiya mount. 8 civilians were killed by aerial bombardment on Khan Shekhon, incluidng 2 women

Der-Ezzor province: Clashes are taking place between IS and regime forces around Der-Ezzor military airport amid aerial bombardment on the area.

Dar’a province: Islamic battalions targeted with artillery regime forces in al-Sanamin town, reports of losses in regime forces. Areas of Inkhel and samlin were exposed to bombardment by regime forces leading to injuries.

Hama province : areas of the northern countryside and Kafar Nbuda were exposed to bombardment by regime forces. Islamic battalions devastated a tank for regime forces in al-Maghir town with a Tao missile. Islamic battalions targeted with mortars regime bastions in Morek town. A soldier in regime forces was killed by clashes against rebels around Othman hill last night.

Aleppo province: Clashes taking place between regime forces against rebels backed by Jabhat al-Nusra around Khan Toman, al-Hader, al-Karasi, and Tal al-Benjera in the southern countryside, reports of losses in both sides. IS targeted with artillery areas of Mare town, no reports of losses.

al-Hasakah province: Clashes continue between the Syrian Democratic forces against IS in al-Houl countryside amid advances for the first party in the area as it took control on 2 farms, casualties reported on both sides.


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