The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

A Canadian fighter in SDF killed in an explosion in Abo al- Hol area in the countryside of al- Hasakah

Al- Hasakah Province:

SOHR had been informed that a Canadian fighter in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) killed when an IS militants blew himself up by using an explosive belt this morning in a farm around the village of Dalho in Abo al- Hol area east of al- Hasakah City, where ongoing clashes are taking places between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which consists of Jaysh al- Thuwar, Borkan al- Furat Operation Room, Jaysh al- Sanadid and the Brigade Groups of al- Jazira, the Syriac Military Council, the People’s Defense Units (YPG), the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ), against IS militants in the area. It is noted that in late October, The General command of the Syrian Democratic Forces announced in a footage, SOHR received a copy of it, start of a campaign to liberate the southern countryside of al- Hasakah controlled by “Islamic State”. The announcement stated, “Today, we declare the first step of our military action within a plan of liberating the whole Syria from the terrorist gangs. On this base, we declare the start of a campaign to liberate the southern countryside of al- Hasakah with the participation of all factions of Syrian Democratic Forces and the support of US-led coalition warplanes. Our campaign is going to continue until liberating all the occupied areas in al- Hasakah by terrorist organization of Daesh and until restoring security and stability to the area.


“We appeal to our people in Syrian generally and in al- Hasakah particularly to support our forces that come in order to liberate them from the oppression of Daesh. We also appeal to them to get away from “Islamic State” positions which has tried to use them as human shields to protect themselves from our strikes and turning you to hostages. Our forces are your national forces, so support and join them,” the Syrian Democratic Forces added.