The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Intense shelling on Khan Shaykhun and new airstrike on the seize fire areas

Idlib Province:
The regime forces targeted Khan Shaykhun town and al-Skik village suing tens of rocket shells, while warplanes believed to be Russian carried out airstrikes on places in the town of Taftanaz, which damaged proprieties, but no information about casualties, it is worth mentioning that the town of Taftanaz is included within Kafrayya and al-Fou’aa and Zabadani ceasefire agreement, which also includes all of Zabadani, Madaya, Beqin, Serghaya and the military points around it in Rif Dimashq province and Kafrayya and al-Fou’aa, Ta’oum , Idlib City, Zrdna, Bennesh, Taftanaz and Shalakh in Idlib province, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published hours ago that the rebel and Islamic Factions targeted areas in the towns of al-Fou’aa and Kafrayya in the southern countryside of Idlib, preceded by warplanes believed to be Russian raiding several areas on the outskirts of Ram Hamdan town and the town of Maaret Mesrin in the northern countryside of Idlib, which caused injuries, where the former mentioned towns are included within the same agreement.