The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Continuous clashes in Al-Hasakah and deaths and wound for ISIS in airstrikes on Al-Raqqah city

Al-Raqqah Province:
At least a member of the “Islamic state” was killed and another member at least was seriously injured in the bombing by warplanes believed to be for the International Coalition on areas at the outskirts of Al-Raqqah city the main stronghold for the organization in Syria.


Al-Hasakah Province:
The violent clashes between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which consists of Jaysh al- Thuwar, Borkan al- Furat Operation Room, Jaysh al- Sanadid and the Brigade Groups of al- Jazira, the Syriac Military Council, the People’s Defense Units (YPG), the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ), against IS militants are still taking place in al- Hol area and the southeastern countryside of al- Hasakah.