The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

A third explosion rocks the city of Homs, and 15 people wounded in the three explosions

Homs Province:

It is confirmed that a new explosion occurred in the city of Homs rising the number of explosions that rocked the city of Homs to 3, where 3 IEDs planted in vehicles and motorbikes in the neighborhoods of Ekrima and Wadi al- Zahab, which are inhabited by Alawites, 15 people wounded in these explosions.


The regime forces shelled places in the neighborhood of al- Wa’er in the city of Homs. They also shelled places in the west of Talbisah city, no information about casualties.


Suspected Russian warplanes carried out several raids on the city of Palmyra east of Homs.


SOHR received a footage shows IS militants cutting 2 palms of 2 young men in IS-held areas in the east of Homs in front of dozens of citizens, including children. They cut their palms for “thievery”.