The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More airstrikes target the countryside of Daraa and clashes in the vicinity of Sahm al-Jolan dam

Daraa Province:
The regime’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs on areas in the city of Inkhel and the town of Dael, which caused injuries at Inkhel city, the regime’s helicopters also dropped barrel bombs on areas in the town of Sheikh Meskin, while the regime forces bombed areas in the towns of Sheikh Meskin and Muzayrib, no information about injuries, also clashes are taking place between Suhada’a al-Yarmouk Brigade who swore allegiance to the “Islamic State” against Al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda in the Levant) and Islamic factions in the vicinity of Saham al-Jawlan dam in the western countryside of Daraa, and there were no information about casualties.