The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Aerial bombardment on Al-Raqqah city and warplanes target the countryside of Hama and Aleppo

Al-Raqqah Province:
Warplanes renewed the bombardment on areas in Al-Raqqah city the main stronghold for the “Islamic state”, the bombardment targeted areas near the National Hospital area in the city, no information about casualties so far.


Hama Province:
Warplanes believed to be Russian carried out raids on areas in the town of Morek in the northern countryside of Hama, no information about casualties.


Aleppo Province:
Warplanes thought to be Russian bombed areas in the village of Tal Msibin in the northern countryside of Aleppo, while the Islamic factions used a missile to target a vehicle for the regime forces in Bashkoy area in the northern countryside of Aleppo which damaged it.


Deir Ezzor Province:
A man from the city of al-Bokamal died under torture in the prisons of the regime forces after being detained for nearly two years.