The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Shelling target several areas in the northern countryside of Homs and the regime forces advance in Latakia Mountains

Homs Province:  
An elderly man from the village of Terre Maalah died affected an injury he had under torture in the prisons of the regime forces, while the regime forces bombed areas in the city of Talbiseh, followed by opening fire of heavy machine guns on areas in the village of al-Sa’en al-Aswad, in conjunction with bombing by the regime forces on areas in the town, which caused injuries in Talbiseh city, also a member of the regime forces was killed in clashes against the rebel and Islamic factions in the vicinity of the town of Morek in the northern countryside of Hama, while the rebel factions targeted a tank for the regime forces in Terre Maalah front at the northern countryside of Homs, and information about casualties in the ranks of the regime forces.


Latakia Province: 
At least two members of the regime forces died of injuries they had in the shelling and clashes against the rebel and Islamic factions in the area of al-Jeb al-Ahmar in the northern countryside of Latakia, while the regime forces renewed the shelling on areas in Jabal al-Turkman, leading explosions in the area, and there were no information about casualties, while a member from the regime forces died due to injuries he got in the clashes against the “Islamic state” near the city of Palmyra, also the regime forces were able to the advance, and information about their to control of two hills in the Mountains of Latakia after violent clashes against the rebel and Islamic factions.