The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Clashes in the vicinity of Sheikh Maqsoud and in A’zaz and near Kasht’aar in the northern countryside of Aleppo

Aleppo Province:
More shells launched by the rebel and Islamic Factions and landed on areas in al-Midan neighborhood which is under the control of the regime forces in Aleppo which caused injuries, while clashes continue between the YPG against Al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda in the Levant ) and the Islamic factions in the vicinity of Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood north of Aleppo city, while YPG targeted places in al-Castelo area near the neighborhood, also the clashes renewed between the Rebel Army against the rebel and Islamic factions and Al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda in the Levant) in the vicinity of al-Malkiya village of A’zaz area and the vicinity of al-Faisal mill near Kasht’aar village in the northern countryside Aleppo, and information about casualties among both parties.