The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

2 booby-trapped vehicles detonated in al- Raqqa and Homs, while civilians killed in Palmyra

Al- Raqqa Province:

IS targeted gatherings for YPG in the village of al- Safawiyya in the northern countryside of al- Raqqa.


Clashes took place between YPG and IS in the north of Ayn Easa north of al- Raqqa, amid targeting YPG gatherings by a booby-trapped vehicle, casualties on both sides.


Homs Province:

The regime warplanes hit the city of Palmyra east Homs leading to kill several civilians and information about the death of 2 IS militants, while others wounded.


Clashes took place between IS militants against the regime forces and allied militiamen around the vicinity of al- Qaryatain city in the southeastern of Homs, where the clashes accompanied by detonating a booby-trapped car vehicle in the area, information about casualties on the regime forces’ ranks.