The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Airstrikes target the countryside of Hama, and the regime forces shell the northern countryside of Homs, while the helicopters drop barrel bombs on Darayya

Homs Province:

The regime forces machine-gunned places in the city of Talbisah and the town of Ter Ma’lah north of Homs. They also machine-gunned places on the road between the two towns of Gharnata and Kisin in the northern countryside of Homs too.


Rif Dimashq Province:

The helicopters dropped more barrel bombs on Darayya city in the Western Ghouta and on other places in the area located between the two cities of M’addamiyyat al- Sham and Darayya.


A citizen killed due to explosion of a mine planted earlier around the town of Madaya.


Hama Province:

The regime warplanes attacked places in the towns of al- Latamanah and Kafar Zita north of Hama leading to wound some people in Kafar Zita, while warplanes believed Russian carried out several air raids on the two villages of Jnat al- Sawarnah and al- Skafi in the eastern countryside of Hama. The regime helicopters targeted the town of Morek north of Hama, no information about casualties.


Daraa Province:

A fighter from the rebel factions died after he was wounded in clashes with the regime forces and allied militiamen in the town of Jdayya.