The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The clashes renew in the countryside of al- Raqqa, while intensive air raids target the countryside of al- Raqqa

Aleppo Province:

Warplanes believed Russian hit places in the towns of Kafar Naya, Kesh’tar and Bashkoy in the northern countryside of Aleppo leading to kill and wound some people. They also struck places in the city of al- Bab and Deir Hafer, accompanied by shelling Deir Hafer by the regime forces.


The violent clashes between the regime forces, Hezbollah and allied militiamen against Jund al- Aqsa, the Islamic Turkestan Party and other Islamist factions are still taking place in several areas in the southern countryside of Aleppo. Other clashes took place between the regime forces, backed by al- Baath battalions and allied militiamen, against the rebel and Islamist faction in the area between al- Leramoun and Shihan, information about casualties on both sides.


The rebels targeted by several rocket shells the regime-held neighborhood of al- Khaldiyya north of Aleppo.


Al- Raqqa Province:

The clashes between SDF fighters and IS militants renewed in the town of Ayn Eas northwest of al- Raqqa, information about casualties on both sides.


Warplanes hit places in the northern countryside of al- Raqqa city.