The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Rocket shelling and airstrikes leave casualties in the countryside of both Idlib and Hama

Idlib Province:

The regime forces shelled places in the village of al- Younsiyyah in Jeser al- Shogour leading to wound some people, certain information about the death of 3 civilians. Meanwhile, a woman from the town of al- Fu’ah inhabited by Shiites died due to the poor healthy condition and shortage of medicines.


Hama Province:

The regime helicopters dropped barrel bombs on places in the town of al- Latamnah, coincided with carrying out air raids on the town located in the northern countryside of Hama leading to kill 2 civilians.


Clashes took place between the regime forces and allied militiamen against IS in Om Twaynah area in the eastern countryside of Salamiyya east of Hama, amid advancement for the regime forces and information about seizing the village of Om Twaynah.