The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More people killed in targeting the capital and Dahiyat al- Assad

Rif Dimashq Province:

The regime warplanes carried out several raids on the two towns of Zamalka and Kafar Batna in the Eastern Ghouta, while the helicopters dropped explosive barrels on the city of M’addamiyyat al- Sham in the Western Ghouta.


A man and a woman killed in shelling the outskirts of the town of al- Nashabiyyah  in the Eastern Ghouta, while two gunmen killed when the regime forces targeted them in al- Zabadani. Meanwhile, the number of people who were killed due to fall of shells on Dahiyat al- Assad near the city of Harasta has risen to 7.


Damascus Province:

The number of people who were killed due to launching dozens of shells on the neighborhoods al- Malki, Abo Rommani, Ayn al- Keresh, al- Baramkah, al- Qassa’, al- Ghassani, al- Umaweyyin Square and other areas in the capital, meanwhile the regime forces re-shelled the neighborhood of Jobar, information about injuries.